Chandeliers & Chocolate Kitchen

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This kitchen design blends traditional design with a touch of glamour giving this home a beautiful elegance. Opening up the main floor of this Cape Cod-style home and connecting the kitchen and living room created open sightlines and the welcoming ambiance that this family had always wanted. The rich walnut cabinetry paired with a stone-washed finish on the island offers contrast and gives the entire kitchen a luxurious feeling from the moment you step into the home.

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This project was part of a remodel! Check out photos from the entire project below.

Elegance Remodel Remodel
The design of this home marries timeless elegance with dazzling accents. In the kitchen rich choices such as the deep oak cabinetry give an elegant feeling to the space, while the island shines in a stone-washed finish. This striking contrast injects drama and transforms the entire home's first floor. Just beyond, the guest bathroom echoes the playful glamour, blending bold elements like a navy vanity and floral wallpaper with timeless touches.
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