Outdoor Kitchens

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An outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to enjoy your yard throughout all the seasons. Explore our collection of weatherproof, custom cabinetry lines. With a wide range of finishes and styles to choose from, we’ll help you design a custom outdoor kitchen that reflects your style and extends your living space.

Poolside Modern Outdoor Kitchen

This stunning modern outdoor kitchen seamlessly extends the living space and the modern aesthetic of the home’s interior to the outdoors. The open and airy layout creates a seamless flow between the main living spaces of the home and the pool deck. A slab-style, powder-coated finish on the cabinetry by Danver exudes a sense of… Read more »

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On the Water Outdoor Kitchen

A water view and outdoor dining are truly the perfect combination. This pergola-covered kitchen offers plenty of shade and defines the outdoor kitchen in a beautiful way. The beadboard style is a perfect choice for a luxurious coastal feeling. Project Courtesy of Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

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Modern Deck Oasis

If your home has an existing deck, then an outdoor kitchen will make this a more functional space and extend your living space. This outdoor kitchen exemplifies extending your living space and showcases how integrating multiple areas like a dining and seating space creates a more functional and inviting space for entertaining. In this outdoor… Read more »

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Cabana Style

This covered patio features an outdoor kitchen by NatureKast. The doors are louver style and the finish is Silver Birch. This truly functions as a second kitchen and being sheltered from the elements extends the usage of the space, making it usable throughout the seasons. Project Courtesy of NatureKast Outdoor Kitchens

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Lakeside Outdoor Kitchen

This lakeside cottage features cabinetry by NatureKast in a shaker-styled door with a Weathered Graphite finish. This kitchen blends seamlessly with the rustic feeling and makes this deck a perfect place to sit back and relax. Project Courtesy of NatureKast Outdoor Kitchens

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Seaside Inspired Outdoor Kitchen

Inspired by the coast this kitchen features Danver cabinetry in Pearl Night Blue. The layout and island seating make this ideal for gatherings of all sizes. Placing the kitchen in a covered space makes it a perfect place to grill and entertain during the warmer months and through all of the New England seasons. This… Read more »

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Alfresco Dining

This Mediterranean inspired kitchen features Danver cabinetry in a Key West door style and NuBlack Hammertone finish. This patio is truly an extension of the home and has an elegant feeling that makes outdoor dining an enjoyable experience. This kitchen was designed by Cal Atlantic Homes located in North Florida. Project Courtesy of Danver Stainless… Read more »

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Mountainside Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen

If you have a deck that is in need of an upgrade, consider adding an outdoor kitchen similar to this modern-inspired design which is complemented by the warmth of the wood tones. In this project, upper and lower cabinetry maximize the footprint of the kitchen, while the island creates the perfect seating area. Project Courtesy… Read more »

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