2024 Trends: Exploring the Rejuvenated Trend of Natural Wood Cabinetry

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Cabinetry is a foundational design element in a home. When you think about the design of a kitchen or bathroom holistically, cabinetry plays a key role in the design of the space and achieving the desired aesthetic. Deciding on what finish of cabinetry complements the design of your space will elevate your home and become a focal point.

Looking back over the past decade, painted cabinetry has remained a popular choice. Well-known for its sleek look, and ability to infuse color in your space, the painted finish replaced the once popular wood grain look. Painted cabinetry rose in popularity because of its ability to work well with a space of any style and pull in colors that complement a space’s aesthetic. As with all design trends, eventually, there is a shift and new trends arise, or in some cases have a renewed appreciation.

A Renewed Design Outlook

So much of the beauty of natural wood comes from its color variation. The tones and movement enhanced by the wood grain bring a rich, luxurious feeling to a space. Choosing the right species of wood paired with a complementary door style will create harmony within your space and make the cabinetry a focal point.

The Versatility of Natural Wood in the Home

Wood-finished cabinetry has remained a popular choice in home design throughout the years because it can truly complement spaces of any style. Whether the style of the space is traditional, mid-century modern, or transitional, wood cabinetry is a versatile option that will bring beautiful natural texture and color into your home. Depending on the style of the cabinetry and the wood species, its texture and colors can bring beautiful contrast and rich warmth to your space.

Embrace the Organic

If the look of wood cabinetry does not speak to your style, then consider alternate ways of incorporating it, such as on a countertop or open shelves. A wood top will make your island a warm and inviting space within your kitchen. There are plenty of species that can be featured on the island, and that will make a rich design statement. On top of it being a versatile surface for your kitchen, a wooden top will bring a beautiful natural element to your space.

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Author:KRB Kitchen & Bath Design Center