Top Kitchen Trends: Paneled vs. Unpaneled Appliances

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There is a powerful beauty in a kitchen that is designed to minimize distracting features such as visible appliances. Paneled appliances have been a popular design choice in kitchens for many years. Their ability to create a sleek, built-in look makes them a beautiful way to achieve the integrated, furniture look. They can create a seamless look that elevates a kitchen and exudes a luxurious ambiance. Let’s delve deeper and see why this design trend continues to be a popular choice in kitchen design.

Streamline Your Kitchen

If creating a cohesive look throughout your kitchen is at the top of your mind, then paneled appliances will certainly help you achieve this look. When you eliminate a bold and industrial finish like stainless steel, it creates a sense of warmth and symmetry.  

Paneled appliances open a world of possibilities when it comes to the layout of your kitchen. Imagine your refrigerator being perfectly integrated alongside your oven, or your dishwasher seamlessly tucked away within your island. One of the many benefits of paneled appliances is the way that they allow you to prioritize traffic flow, while also creating a cohesive look regardless of where you place them.

Blending Form with Function

One of the major reasons that paneled appliances continue to be a luxury in kitchen design is the cost of the customization that comes with them. This design process is easier if you design with a cabinetry line that will allow you to create specs for those panels, ensuring that they match the color and style of the cabinetry. However, if you are not working with a fully customizable cabinetry line you may have to design panels from a different line that closely matches the cabinetry door style. While you may be able to closely match the door style, if the match is not exact it could create unwanted variation in the kitchen.

Considering the budget you have for appliances will help you quickly decide if panel-ready appliances are within your budget. These appliances tend to have a higher cost than traditional ones, and only certain appliance manufacturers offer panel-ready appliances.

Consider Your Space

There are so many design decisions throughout a kitchen remodel. When deciding on the appliances that are the right fit for your kitchen and lifestyle consider your aesthetic. Perhaps you like how your appliances look and don’t mind the straightforward and classic look that stainless steel offers. Unpaneled appliances can be the right choice for someone who is seeking a more traditional style. If you are seeking to have a seamless look in your kitchen then paneled appliances can offer you a tailored and luxurious look. Ultimately, the decision depends on your personal preferences, budget, and desired kitchen design.

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Author:KRB Kitchen & Bath Design Center