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When you are thinking about your new kitchen it’s so important to have all of the inspiration you need. Creating a Pinterest board, spending time on Houzz, or simply watching shows on HGTV, there are so many great resources. What’s your style and how do you plan to design around it? If you can begin by gathering ideas for what you like, then this will help guide the designer and help them to make suggestions and ultimately make the entire design process more focused. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel or planning to install a new kitchen, you’ll first want to peruse the wide range of kitchen design, always start with inspiration in mind!

Design and Layout Ideas

From solidly traditional designs to sleek modern and everything in between, there’s a style that will suit your design and functionality goals. With a little research and inspiration, you’re sure to end up with a kitchen design that blends seamlessly with your home’s overall aesthetic and reflects your style.

A convenient way to think of kitchen design is to start by dividing the many styles available into two main categories: traditional or modern/contemporary. Each of these categories contains many subcategories and offshoots but by first identifying which of the two appeals most to your style, you’ll go a long way towards narrowing the look and feeling you want your kitchen to have.

In general, traditional kitchen design styles reflect a period of historical inspiration. Traditional designs tend to feature a richer color palette, intricate molding, and an overall ambiance that makes the space feel lived in. Hardware is another defining element and is chosen to match the elegance of the cabinetry. In traditional design this is where we tend to see gold, and chrome hardware because it doesn’t distract, it simply enhances the cabinetry. For achieving an old-world feeling the cabinetry is a key. Popular choices include a distressed finish or other weathering to inspire a more cozy and inviting design aesthetic. This is the perfect way to achieve the traditional design aesthetic because it becomes a focal point in the kitchen and often dictates the counter material. Granite and marble that pull out the color of the cabinets is typically a popular choice, while quartz and other manmade materials may feel too modern.

Modern-inspired kitchen design styles often incorporate various elements from other styles but in most cases, the space is primarily centered around one style. The entire space has an overall feeling and ambiance that is achieved through the design choices. The cabinetry is a critical piece of the design, and in many ways defines the space. Simple, and classic metallic hardware, and flat, clean-lined, surfaces are common in modern kitchen designs. While some may describe the pieces of modern design as cold, there are plenty of ways to pull in elements of warmth into the design.

A common feature in modern style is using pops of bold colors as an opportunity to incorporate some contrast and focal points within the space. Whereas traditional designs tend to incorporate more subdued or neutral color schemes throughout. Modern design does not have to be centered around a subdued palette. Today we are seeing warm wood tones paired with elements of contemporary design and that helps soften the often monotone color palette that often includes black, white, and gray which blends so well with the clean lines that dominate contemporary design.

Some kitchen design styles are not defined by either one style or another but have details that pull in other styles. For example, adding penny tile to the shower floor of a bath can bring in an essence of retro. Choosing matte black elements such as hardware, or lighting is a great way to pull in a touch of modernity that doesn’t overwhelm the space but can be an element that grounds the space. When choosing cabinetry it’s important to remember that two tones of cabinetry will help give a kitchen a more spacious feeling, and this can be equally as impactful in both traditional and modern styles.

Whether you choose modern or traditional design it’s important to remember that it’s a foundation for your kitchen and that you can pull other styles into your space. By including other elements and blending styles you give your kitchen a fresh feeling that you will love for years to come.

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