Reasons to Include a Custom Vanity in Your Bathroom

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Think about the design details in your main bathroom. Each should work cohesively to bring a luxurious feeling to the space. All the choices you make should bring harmony and relaxation to your bath. There is one piece of the design that should stand out from the rest: the vanity.

Consider the Details

When it comes to choosing the look of a vanity for your bathroom there are a few considerations you need to make, how does it complement the overall aesthetic of the bathroom and does it make a standalone design statement? It’s often the smaller details within the design that go unnoticed, but do ultimately make the so whether it’s a large main bath, or a small powder bath designing a vanity to suit the space and make the impact you want is the secret design sauce. Details such as whether the vanity has drawer fronts, open shelving, or is floating change the entire aesthetic of a vanity which is why customizing the look to fit your space is so important among other reasons.

Tailored Beauty

One of the main factors behind why a client would choose a custom vanity for their bath is because of the available storage options. You can tailor the number of drawers and doors to match your needs and aesthetics. To ensure that you maximize the functionality, consider what you store in your vanity, and think about your storage requirements you’ll ensure that your new vanity has plenty of storage and complements your lifestyle. The vanity shown was designed to maximize storage and retrofitted to accommodate a window that is located above a sink. The custom color Debonair by Sherwin-Williams perfectly suits this beachside main bathroom.

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Author:KRB Kitchen & Bath Design Center