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As you dream up your 2024 kitchen remodel, remember: functionality and beauty go hand-in-hand. These rising kitchen design trends not only elevate your space, but also create a modern, user-friendly hub where cooking and gathering become pure joy.

Bold tile

When it comes to choosing a backsplash, having a print or color will make a design statement. Incorporating a fun pattern or texture is a great way to create visual interest in your kitchen.

Beverage station

The best part about having a dedicated drink space within your kitchen is that it will keep your entire kitchen functioning better for your needs. Having a dedicated fridge for beverages frees up space in your main fridge.

Statement lighting

Pendants over an island are a perfect way to make a design statement and create a focal point. They add to the overall lighting scheme and large-scale lights are a way to add plenty of visual interest.

The following photos are from our own portfolio!

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Today so many homeowners prefer to keep their kitchen as clutter-free and organized as possible. A back kitchen or scullery functions as additional prep space and storage, freeing up space in your main kitchen.

Notes of natural wood

Wood tones are making a welcome return to kitchens. Offering a natural touch that brings warmth and movement, natural wood is a perfect way to incorporate warmth and movement to your kitchen.

The following photos are from our own portfolio!

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Whatever your aesthetic is, there is a trend that will leave your home looking beautifully updated and on-trend for the years ahead. Thinking about what trends to infuse in the design of your kitchen will leave you with a space that you’ll love.

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