Let’s Review: The Top Four Kitchen Trends of 2024

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Kitchen Trends of 2024

There are so many kitchen trends in 2024 that will elevate your kitchen design. In many ways, these trends are a throwback to some of the most popular trends of the past decades but have a refreshed and modern look and feel. Now that we’ve turned the page and it’s a new year, it’s time for a new kitchen. We have chosen our top four trends that have risen to the top of every homeowner’s wishlist, and we hope they help you imagine all of the possibilities for your kitchen. We’ve included our wrap-up of the top four trends below, but if you want to see more behind-the-scenes inspiration click on the link to visit the blog.

We hope that 2024 is the year you design your new kitchen!

Trend 1. A Beverage Station

When it comes to the layout of your kitchen, considering how you use the space will help enhance the layout. Incorporating a beverage station or coffee bar will add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen and make your morning routine more enjoyable. A dedicated beverage station will streamline the way that your kitchen functions and will be a beautiful design feature, see more of our favorites.

A custom beverage station in a kitchen featuring navy blue cabinetry.

Trend 2. Choosing a Bold Backsplash

In 2024 there is a renewed focus on the design details. It’s often the individual details that work cohesively to bring a kitchen together. A backsplash is the perfect opportunity to make a statement by bringing beautiful texture, shape, or color to the space. Whichever backsplash you choose should be a design element to complement the entire space and pull everything together. Get inspired by more backsplash materials in our bold backsplash blog.

A sleek, slab style quartz backsplash featured above a Wolf range.

Trend 3. Layered Lighting

The way you light your kitchen significantly affects its ambiance. Create a kitchen that gives you a beautiful balance of lighting. From accent to task lighting, the effect that lighting makes on your kitchen impacts how you feel each time you step into the space. Investing in layered lighting is a design choice you will never regret, from decorative pendant lights to subtle toe-kick lighting it can transform the look and feel of your kitchen. The ways that right lighting can change the entire feeling and mood within a kitchen. Experience the 5 layers and see how lighting can change your kitchen.

A modern style kitchen featuring slab-style cabinetry and an oversized island with plenty of seating and prep space.

Trend 4. A Custom Pantry

If keeping your kitchen crisp and clutter-free is a priority, then a walk-in pantry or prep kitchen may be the best option for you. It will increase the functionality of your kitchen, and keep you organized. Incorporating a custom pantry in your kitchen is something to consider for many reasons. We wanted to share a variety of pantry styles and layouts that we love. See them all featured on our blog.

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We hope these top four trends help you get inspired for your remodel. If you want to see more of our kitchen & bath remodels visit our Portfolio.

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